Kijana Wajibika (Youth be Responsible) is a ground-breaking initiative that builds a movement of youth and women who are well informed on civic rights and actively engaged in political processes. We use proven and successful youth-led, data-driven accountability model that places young people at the centre of development and governance processes and provides a platform to empower youth and women in Tanzania to hold their government to account on their commitments.

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Amplified voices of young leaders and change makers

as leaders and drivers of community development

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Najma Juma


This is a question of today to the citizens of Tanzania which sounds like a myth but an awful reality...

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Ismail Biro

“We didn’t know.” “We missed it.” “It was a mistake.”

When failure strikes, excuses are subject to be raised, but, looking around from the source, almost always there is someone that did not take a corrective action...

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Kay Mbuya


What is peace? Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquillity...

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Mayur Nayi

The creative in you.

What is creativity? Can you be it? Are you born with it or can you learn it?

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Leyla Mchawe

My thoughts on Democracy.

Elections are of utmost importance in any Democratic country. As we all know, democracy is defined as a government of the people...

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Knowledge of the ideals, values, and principles set forth in the nation development plans and policies that helps Young people to understand and evaluate the national-accountability,transparency and good governance while ensuring democracy and Youth rights are upheld and protected..

Data driven

The culture of using data to make evidence based decisions enables youth's decisions to be effective and efficient from individual to government level. A mind equipped with data stands out,once youth embrace a data driven culture in a community  where data availability is enhanced by Open data  that can be easly accessed electronically, used and shared without restrictions, that is an empowered community we envision to champion,with youth being on the  front line.


In a generation where youth agency is crucial for National development a common voice is needed to support their contribution in national building.


Where information, status and updates on youth efforts and matters are unveiled to inspire and catalyze call for action.